Our Famous Catnip

The Strongest and longest lasting catnip you'll ever find.  This will be your cat's favorite toy and is unlike any catnip you've ever found.  That's why we call it "cracknip" and is endoursed by miss wildflower... our famous shopcat!

Classic Square Catnip

Classic Square
$4.00, Shipping $1.00

Stocking Catnip

$4.00, Shipping $1.00

Loose Catnip

$5.00, Shipping $1.00

Alien Cat Catniip

Alien Cat
$6.00, Shipping $1.00

Mouse Cat Nip

Mouse Catnip
$6.00, shipping $1.00 

Wrestler Catnip

Wrestler 5"x9"
$14.00, Shipping $2.00

Bed Catnip

Bed Catnip
$28.00, Shipping $3.00