Star Lanterns

Our fabulous paper stars are great for covered decks, bedrooms or entryways! They fold up flat and come with a 15 foot UL listed cord kit that has the plugs and switches at the end of the cord to plug into the wall and bring out from a corner! They take a 60 watt bulb and show great at night. Call or email for current photos of all stars in stock!  239-472-7860.
Festival Orange Star Lantern

Festival Orange Star
$42.00 with cord kit, Shipping $6.00

Taj Star Lantern

Taj Star Lantern
$42.00 w/ cord kit, Shipping $6.00

Mono Yellow Star

Mono Yellow Star
$42.00 w/ cor kit, Shipping $6.00

Rani Star lantern

Rani Star Lantern
$42.00 w/cord kit, Shipping $6.00